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Search for your favourite streamer to check out their Beat Saber activity and find map recommendations. Please report any bugs or issues you have to Piercy via discord or on the GitHub.

Recent Updates:
  • You can now link your profile to BeatSaver and display your map creations on your profile
  • Frequently Asked Questions has been added.
  • Recommended songs now include the difficulty, these will highlight in playlists
  • Initial setup reworked to be far easier! Just enter your pin and away you go!
  • Performance Enhancements - I have switched to using SiraUtil for the many enhancements it brings

Planned Features:
  • API - Third Party tools will be able to see the recommendations of people you follow
  • Customization - Enabling and disabling options, customization of how your profile looks (maybe using the channel banners from twitch...)
  • Game Mode Detection - Detect more game modes, such as Maul, and display tags on the activity
  • Feel free to suggest stuff, you bloq smooshers are awesome and recommended the best features 💖

Recent Activity


(Tanger's "Tangreifer" Remix)

Artist: Unlucky Morpheus

Mapped By: abcbadq

No Fail
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Failed: 00:23

If You Can't Hang

Artist: Sleeping With Sirens

Mapped By: Olaf & Joshabi


View kimmychameleon's Profile
Failed: 01:08

Final Boss II

Artist: Thaehan

Mapped By: Vazyriqx

View maxevil47's Profile
Accuracy: 67.44%

Scary Hour

Artist: Omar Varela

Mapped By: Sands & J1K

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Accuracy: 70.41%

Baka Mitai

Dame Dane

Artist: Kazuma Kiryu

Mapped By: ComradeFurious_


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Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance Remix [Kamex]

Artist: Kamex

Mapped By: Beat Sage


360Full Combo
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No Idea

Artist: Vixw

Mapped By: WDG_Mid


No Fail
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Accuracy: 81.63%


Artist: Camellia

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Scattered Faith

Artist: Kurokotei

Mapped By: slamsyk


No Fail
View 拉斯起司狼's Profile
Accuracy: 80.92%

MariannE (Lanota Edit)

Artist: Yooh

Mapped By: Redmagi


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