Does BeatFollower provide song request functionality in my twitch chat? Such as !bsr

Unfortunately, BeatFollower does not provide song request functionality. When looking at a song list you can use the buttons to copy the !bsr command, and then paste this into a twitch chat. However, BeatFollower does not provide song request functionality. To find the most up to date song request mod, it would be best to ask on the BSMG Discord.

How do I get a BeatFollower Profile?

To get a BeatFollower profile all you need to do is login with your Twitch account. Your profile will automatically be created. Once your profile is created you can customize it by clicking the edit button on your profile page.

What does the twitch extension do?

The twitch extension will put a small panel below your stream. This will show recently played songs, recently recommended songs, Score Saber ranks and a link to your profile.

How do I install the twitch extension?

To install the twitch extension, ensure you are logged in with your twitch account, then click your name in the top right, and then select Twitch Extension from the drop down. This will navigate you to the twitch extensions within your stream dashboard and you can install it. It will automatically link up with your profile once installed.

How do I display my maps on my profile?

To display maps you have made on your profile. Go to your profile, and the click the edit profile button. From here make sure that Show My Maps is ticked, and then enter your BeatSaver name in the box provided and click save. Your profile might be cached for up to 15 minutes, so if you don't see your maps straight away. Reload your profile in 15 or so minutes.

How do I install the plugin?

The easiest way is through mod assistant. Just open mod assistant, find Beat Follower in the list, select it and click install. If you would like to install it manually you can visit the BeatFollower Discord to get a zip file which you can extract into your BeatSaber folder

I have the plugin installed, but its not working correctly?

Once you have installed the plugin you will need to configure it. You can do so by clicking the top right navigation menu, selecting BeatSaber Plugin and then following the steps under setup.

How do I download or install a playlist?

The easiest way to install a playlist is to click the purple playlist button, and then select Install with ModAssistant. For this to work you need to have enabled one click installs in mod assistant. Alternatively, you can select Download, and then copy the playlist to your BeatSaber Playlists folder

How do I keep a playlist in sync?

To keep a playlist in sync, go to the playlist in-game and click the reload icon

How do I add a new playlist?

To add a new playlist visit your profile, and click the Add New List button. Next enter a list name, and selet and icon, then click Add List. Only two lists are allowed per account, but if you ask nicely on the BeatFollower Discord, i'll happily give you a few more.